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It Is Difficult To Make A Woman-Led Film Post Pandemic: Ekta Kapoor At FICCI Frames 2024.

Filmmaker and producer Ekta Kapoor talks about Women-centric movies post pandemic and her urge to make the kind of films she does.

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The 24th edition of FICCI Frames organized by the Federation Of Indian Chambers Of Commerce And Industry for the Indian Film Industry. One of the sessions celebrated the Women’s contribution to the world of Cinema and Television. Producer, Director and Managing Director and creative head of Balaji Telefilms Ekta Kapoor has been part of the panel discussion.

Ekta Kapoor At FICCI Frames 2024 Talks About Women-Centric Films:

Talking at the session, Ekta said “I am making a film about three women and there are so many people who ask if people will go to theatres to watch a film about women. TV has always been about women, with men doing smaller roles, but in films the commerce changes.”

Telling the reason for it, she said “I feel that is mainly because even today a woman is dependent on her husband to buy the tickets for a theatrical film. And after the pandemic, it has become far more difficult to make a film led by women because a film with a big male star is where the commerce works.”

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Further, Ekta revealed the reason for her urge to make the kind of movies she does, “We should stop dividing the women into bad and good. Women should not try to fit into a particular category. Nobody should not try to fit into a particular category. Nobody should be judged. I remember coming across many women who refused to do things because they would be judged as bad women, and this inspired me to make bad-girl stories. It is time to stop putting people on a pedestal. They need to just be”.

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