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Jacqueline Fernandez Receives Valentine’s Day Letter From Sukesh Chandrasekhar.

Sukesh Chandrasekhar has released a Valentine's Day letter from prison to Jacqueline Fernandez, gives a warning to ‘Gold Digger’ and haters.

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Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernendez is among the few celebs with highest followers on Instagram. Recently, the actress received a Valentine’s day letter from alleged conman Sukesh Chandrasekhar who is currently in jail for a money laundering case. Now, the letter has been out and Sukesh has a warning to ‘Gold Digger’ and her team.

Sukesh Chandrasekhar Writes A Valentine’s Day Letter To Jacqueline Fernandez:

In the letter, Sukesh referred to Jacqueline as “My Bomma”. The letter read as “My Love Jacqueline Baby, firstly, I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day, I once again on this beautiful special day, affirm that I love you like crazy and you are the cause of my heartbeat…Baby, I missed you so much, starting from the first day of Valentines week, every second have been thinking only about you. This is our 2nd Valentines, being far away from each other, but it’s no longer, gonna be this way. This year is our year, which is gonna break all the negativity and obstacles around us.

My baby, on this day, I wanna confess, I am so lucky and blessed to have you in my life, you are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life. Baby, you are so beautiful inside out. How many ever lives to come, I just want you and only you, by my side. Baby you are so amazing. I am so crazy about you, and love you even more crazier. My baby girl, my Botta Bomma.

As human beings, we all react, mislead, instigated, provoked, leading to take unwanted steps, which later, the mind and heart gives different advices, but ultimately the heart wins in this regard. However, I was no different, as human, I also reacted and moved against you, as I felt, hurt, and betrayed, but I paused, as my heart, started pointing at me that how can I even hurt you, or even a thought of it. You can never hurt in any form, to someone you love more than anything else in life. Then I held back and was so angry on myself.

Remember, the promise I gave you on the day, you became mine and said yes to me, therefore I put myself on hold. However, overall, in the end of all this one thing came out clear, that is the power of our love. Our love for each other, came out to be stronger and showed the world such power could ever stop the love for each other, no matter whatsoever.

Another interesting thing, that took place during this period, last few days was, a lot of people known to us in common were enjoying seeing things going wrong, between us, specially the one who I call the “Gold Digger”, who was, enjoying and dancing away, and even sent a message indirectly to me, instigating me against you, but looks like the Gold Digger did not realise that I am not one of those men she knows who gets carried away.

Sukesh Chandrasekhar gives warning to ‘Gold Digger’ and haters:

So, I wanted to also give a small message to that, Gold Digger, as well as those haters: Dear Gold Digger, you, and your associates before in time also tried creating rifts between me and Jackie, but went unsuccessful, now during this bad phase, once again, you tried, this time it failed drastically for you guys. Anyways, I want to make one thing clear as they say blood is thicker than water.

Love is stronger than the power of the universe. So be clear with one thing, Jackie is mine, and I am her’s forever. In all relationships, misunderstandings do happen, especially in our case, which is so peculiar and one of its kind. But that does not mean nothing, rather, it’s made our love stronger, and what we mean to each other.

Jackie is my responsibility, and I am here to protect her, and would not let anything go wrong with her anymore, come what may, no power in this world can stop us loving each other.

So, all you haters, watching out for me, you all have anyways labeled me “BAD”, but the true fact is I am not “BAD “close, I am “BRUTAL”.

Baby, I watched Umang awards, you and your performance was outstanding, so pretty my love, I kept looking only at your eyes, God, crazy about you my baby boo. I lose my balance out from the ground as they say love hits you hard and it is the best high.

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Baby be strong, don’t worry about anything I am here, it’s just a matter of time, I am gonna cast the magic spell, all the allegations, charges are gonna fall flat as none of them are true even by.1%..

Lastly, my love, I have some special gifts lined out for you, this Valentines, which I will surprise you with, coming days.

Today on this day, I have a special Valentine dedication for you, which I mean it from the deepest heart and soul to you. My Valentine song for you. Maan meri Jaan” by king

Once again, love you my Jaan, Happy Valentine’s Day. Love you like crazy. my Botta Bomma.

For those unknown, Sukesh Chandrasekhar was the mastermind in the Rs 200 cr fraud case and currently in Delhi’s Mandoli Jail.

On the work front, Jacqueline last appeared in Selfie in a special song. She is currently shooting for Fateh.

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