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The Kerala Story: Movie Collects A Whopping 16.6 Cr on Day 3; Theaters in Tamil Nadu Stop Screening the film.

Even after facing tremendous backlash from several organisations and political leaders, The Kerala Story still makes a mark at the Box Office.

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The Kerala Story stood as one of the top five movies in 2023 in terms of first day box office earnings. The movie written and directed by Sudipto Sen, reportedly made over Rs 16.60 crore on Day 3. Although exact figures are not yet available, the movie made an exceptional amount of money in its first week.

The Kerala Story At Box Office:

The film made Rs 11.22 crore on Day 2 after a stellar collection of Rs. 7.5 crore on its release day and now stands at 35.75 Cr. The movie should still be able to surpass the Rs 50 crore milestone in the next few days, even if it is anticipated to slow down over the course of the week.

Adah Sharma’s The Kerala Story stopped screening in Tamil Nadu

Unfortunately, theatres in Tamil Nadu stopped screening “The Kerala Story” in the State starting on May 7 due to negativity around, purportedly weak box office receipts, and protests. It was no longer possible for people to make a reservation for a Sunday afternoon show using online platforms. M Subramaniam, also known as Tiruppur Subramaniam, the president of the Tamil Nadu Theatre and Multiplex Owners Association, acknowledged the decision to pull the movie from the few multiplexes that had screened it.

Actress Adah Sharma shared a picture from the movie:

“The film was only shown in a few multiplexes owned by pan-India groups, mostly PVR. Locally-owned multiplexes had already decided not to show the film, as it did not have any popular stars. In Coimbatore for instance, there were two shows so far — one on Friday and one on Saturday. Even those did not do well. Given that, theatres decided that it was not worth going through the threat of protests and such,” added Subramaniam.

Watch the Trailer Here:

The film’s release in Chennai was protested on April 6 by Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK). NTK members and the party’s coordinator Seeman, who is also an actor and a director, had demonstrated in front of Anna Nagar Arch. Sreedhar Pillai, a film industry tracker, had tweeted that “The Kerala Story” would no longer be screened in movie theatres after learning he was going to see it on Sunday. “The multiplex owners have cited potential law and order issues and lack of interest as reasons for the move,” said Pillai.

The movies are being shown in 22 theatres in Kerala, according to the distributors, E4 Entertainment. Even though theatre owners in Kerala had previously assured that they were unconcerned about negative publicity, on May 5, a few venues, including PVR Cinemas at Lulu Mall and Oberon Mall in Kochi, made the decision not to show the movie.

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