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Priyanka Chopra Shares How Bollywood Defines Beauty- ‘Lighter Skin Tone, Extremely Thin and Show Your Pelvic Bones.’

In a recent podcast, Priyanka Chopra discusses how Bollywood portrays beauty and the idea that lighter skin tones are attractive.

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India is proud of Priyanka Chopra for breaking through barriers to success in Hollywood. The actress has advanced considerably in the business from Quantico to Citadel. She is now well-known in the West, and her career is just going up. Recently, she discussed her time in Bollywood in an interview. She highlighted the negative aspects of the business on a podcast with Call Her Daddy and talked about how she had been told that a particular body type was attractive.

Priyanka Chopra opens up about beauty standards in Bollywood 

Priyanka Chopra stated that the entertainment industry sets narratives. She discussed the myths that were passed down to her younger self, according to which a lighter skin tone equals beauty. She accepted to be a part of it later in her career after learning about it through commercials. 

In the recent podcast, she also mentioned that it was simply expected that one be slender and have a particular appearance when she first entered the field. “We didn’t talk about it when I first joined, which was about 20 years ago,” she recalled. It doesn’t matter how you got there; the fact that you are extremely thin and that your pelvic bones are visible was only expected. There is a definite way you should look, and anything that differs from that is not attractive.

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She added that characters in both fashion and movies would request to have a specific body type and be able to fit into a particular dress size. According to Priyanka Chopra, everything was regular and still occurs “behind closed doors.” Priyanka Chopra hopes that constructive conversations about the subject occur and that false narratives be dispelled. She stated that beauty is subjective much like art. “We have to break the narratives that we set up a long time ago of what beauty is,” she added. “We have to have a healthy conversation about the female and male body, and ageing and the reality of that.” 

However, currently, The romantic film Love Again, which premiered in the U.S. theatres on May 5 and opens this Friday in India, now stars Priyanka Chopra. Citadel, one of her web series, is currently available on Prime Video.

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