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Police Stopped AR Rahman’s Performance Midway in Pune; The Music Maestro Calls it “Rockstar Moment” Sharing a Clip.

The live performance by Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman in Raja Bahadur Mills, Pune, ended abruptly on Sunday night.

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On Sunday, in Raja Bahadur Mills, during the live performance of singer AR Rahman in Pune, the cops showed up there. When the police entered the stage and demanded that the performance end, a video of the incident was taken, and it was later shared on Twitter. Pune Police provided clarity following the event and stated that the singer-musician had gone past the 10 pm cutoff time.

AR Rahman Concert Stopped by Pune Police:

The event’s organizers said that their goal was to “raise the city’s happiness index” and that they had no intention of breaking the law. Loud music was prohibited in public areas after 10 p.m. by a 2005 Supreme Court ruling. In relation to the incident, no case has been filed.

According to reports, AR Rahman was interrupted while singing his popular song ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’. However, the authorities claimed that because he continued to perform after 10 pm, he was asked to stop.

A R Rahman took to his Twitter handle to share a video glimpse from the concert and called it a Rockstar Moment and thanked everyone for the memorable evening. In the shared video, we can see Rahman saying “I think we overpoured love and we are overboard the time. That’s it, we are done. Timing is over. I like this. Thank you city of Pune, the organisers, and the amazing band”.

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Santosh Patil, an inspector of Bund Garden Police Station, is seen in a viral video of the event motioning for the music concert to end because it is past 10 pm. The organizers and Rahman’s troop “immediately carried out the instructions,” according to Patil. We urged Rahman and the other musicians to end the performance because the deadline of 10 p.m. had expired, according to Patil.

On Monday, news agency ANI tweeted, “Pune Police stopped music maestro AR Rahman from singing during his concert last night after he continued to perform beyond the permissible time of 10pm.”

Ponniyin Selvan: Part 2 by Mani Ratnam is among AR Rahman’s most recent compositions. He composed the soundtrack for the movie and aggressively promoted it alongside the cast, which included Aishwarya Rai.

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